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Recurso 9

Carry out your self-diagnosis

Know the level of the digital maturity of your SME by performing the self-diagnostic tests. You can repeat them as many times as you want to monitor your evolution

What points do you want to evaluate?

You can evaluate your digital maturity by two tests, one express and the other advanced. Or to know the maturity of your computer's security by taking the cybersecurity test.
Digital diagnostic test

Digital diagnostic test

Briefly know your level of digital intensity and your situation compared to other SMEs in Spain.
Carrying out this test is necessary to access the help of the Digital Kit
Estimated completion time: 10 min.
Digital transformation self-assessment

Digital transformation self-assessment

We accompany you on your way to the digital transformation of your SME.
Test completion time: 20 min.
Cybersecurity Self-Assessment

Cybersecurity Self-Assessment

Know what is the level of maturity in cybersecurity of your company.
Test completion time: 10 min.