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23 Mar 2023. 19:12
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In this interview you will learn about the digital transformation that En Paella has developed thanks to the use of home delivering tools.

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  1. You use Instagram Glovo and Uber to deliver your orders. Do you have a way to measure the impact of using these tools?

Glovo does send us reports every x amount of time, they send you reports in which you can see the number of customers or sales that have been generated with them and we also within our system, in the POS we always mark where it comes from, whether it is take away, delivery or if it is from a restaurant. And obviously, from platforms we have Uber and Glovo, we do have it very well measured to know where the customer comes from.

I think we entered Instagram about 4 or 6 months after we opened. At the beginning, we only had a very simple website that we created, where we only had a phone with Whatsapp from the beginning to take orders.

We have Uber, we have Glovo and we have JustEat too, but that one didn't do very well. We have it active because now they are going to give us some promotional coupons and so on so that we don't close it, but practically everything we do is with Whatsapp Business, with Uber, with Glovo and something online, but it's very little.


  1. Has an external party helped you to implement these tools?

No, we have all done it ourselves and we have maintained it, as far as we have been able to. Even on Instagram, we've only posted a few times, but what we've done, we've done ourselves. That is to say, taking the photo and so on by ourselves, until today, we haven't had any help to do that.


  1. Does using these tools require advanced knowledge, or is it a simple process?

Yes, yes, it's very simple. The only thing they ask you for are the photos that you want to upload to their application, they give you a device in which you enter the orders and that's it, you practically don't need to do anything. They generate the order, they bring the client to you and for that client they charge you a percentage that you have negotiated and that's it, you don't need to do anything else. They have a set rate, which is 30% or 33% plus VAT. But you can play around a bit if you do the delivery or if their deliverymen and so on do it. And also according to the amount of sales you generate through the platform. So you become a more important or more valuable customer for them the more orders or sales you generate through their app.


  1. How does the maintenance of these tools work?

We do the delivery, we have delivery drivers that are not our own, they are outsourced, but we did take that away from Glovo, because our product didn't work for us. It is a big box that is about the size of a pizza box. So if a delivery person came with a motorbike that didn't have the right backpack and so on, we couldn't deliver the product, so we had a lot of problems with them because 10 delivery people came to pick up the product and only two came with a backpack. So we had to go back to the delivery person and all that is time that the end client is not receiving his product and many times there are maybe 10 people who are waiting to receive the food, they are waiting to eat and the delivery people were not working and sometimes it took up to 40 minutes for the right delivery person to arrive.


  1. Have you experienced any other obstacles, especially when implementing this type of tool?

No, the truth is that they are very easy to use tools and above all they are sales generators, they bring you the client and that's it. You decide, depending on the type of distance, how far you want to cover and everything is very easy.


  1. How do you think these processes have benefited you?

Well, I think that nowadays to make yourself visible, if you don't have it, you are not visible because people don't want to call anywhere, they don't want to talk to anyone, that's what I've seen. Practically everything they want to do through an APP or some method or means that you ask for, that no one attends you and you do all the management on your mobile phone, that's practically what people want, to be a click away from asking for and solving your problems.


  1. Why do you want to have a transactional app and website?

Our website is only informative, it comes with the phone number and Whatsapp and the logos of Uber and Glovo, which is in the part of how to order. What you can do is click on "order by Whatsapp" and it opens your Whatsapp. If you have it on your computer, no, but that's a function that you have to have activated on your computer, but nothing else. The truth is that we haven't had the people or the guidance to be able to make a payment platform through there and to be able to place the order, all from the website, without having to leave. We haven't had that, making a virtual shop or I don't know what to call it, we haven't had that. Maybe we haven't focused much on it either, we've focused a little more on selling, but it seems to me that it's also a cost issue, I think that being a payment gateway and so on, that has an important cost.

We urgently need to do it now, because we believe that, above all for payments, it is a way of being able to pay. Nowadays people pay us through a link, we send them a code via SMS. You receive it and through that link you make the payment through a Banco Santander payment gateway, but it is very complicated. The platform itself is not very user-friendly, so people sometimes get a bit confused and think that they have already made the payment and they haven't. So that generates a lot of confusion for us, especially after the payment has been made. So this causes us, especially after a weekend, to be checking payment by payment to see who has paid and who hasn't, and those who couldn't pay, obviously not because they didn't want to, but because they couldn't go back and see how to help. In the end there are people who we have had to do some Bizum or something like that so that they could pay us, so the payment gateway would help us a lot on that issue as well.


  1. Do you have the equipment, knowledge and resources to do it on your own or do you need advice in this regard?

Now, in the beginning we would do it advised by somebody, but the idea is to have a separate department because the idea is to grow and have several branches, and everything, and of course we handle it directly ourselves. With Glovo, for example, before you wanted to do a promotion you had to send them an email with the information and they reviewed it and uploaded it, and now they don't. Now we have learned to do it ourselves. So it takes very little time when you want to upload a promotion, we can upload it immediately. We don't waste 2-3 days waiting for it to be uploaded and so here we intend to do the same thing ourselves in order to have the capacity to manage it ourselves.


  1. If you had to start from scratch again, what would you do differently?

What I think I would develop from the beginning would be the APP. It is very important, above all because it is the way you can tell customers, or they can get closer to you to place an order, regardless of whether you are on Glovo's platforms, on Uber's platforms and all this, but having your own APP, I think I would do it from the beginning, I mean we haven't done it yet, but we already have the idea a little bit. But I would have done it from the beginning, especially because I think that digitalisation is your way of selling, it makes it much easier for you to sell nowadays.


  1. What recommendation would you give to another SME that wants to move forward in its digitalisation process?

I think the most important thing, or what I would recommend in the first instance, is to have everything centralised in order to generate what we have already achieved, which is, reports on views, comments, sales, how it is distributed, etc. Information is power, as they say. So, the more information you can obtain, and that's all you have, from the apps, the social networks, Whatsapp, the website and the comments. That with that you can generate a link with people and that nowadays everything is on the phone. I would encourage them that this is a way of moving forward, before thinking about whether your restaurant is in the best location or the worst location or on the high street. I think I would get into doing a good social media, platform and app development first.


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