Why should we have a “.es” domain?

06 Oct 2022. 17:45
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Why should we have a “.es” domain?

Registering a domain “.es” is easy, fast and offers the following advantages.

  • Greater reach to Spanish-speaking users

As the “.es” domian is liked to Spain, it is a lot easier for customers to find you and identify you as an SME close to them.

  • Protection of your company’s online identity

It can prevent your company’s digital identity from being easily impersonated by competitors or cybercriminals.

  • Better position in search engines

The “.es” extension helps you to geographically segment your company and improve local results.

  • Reliability and quality of service

Red.es manages the registration of these domains, guaranteeing the highest standards of reliability and quality of service.

  • Flexibility, agility and durability over time

Registering a “.es” domain is practically immediate and, once registered, it can be available for up to 10 years.

Access domain.es and improve the online identity of your SME with just one click!

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