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15 Dec 2022. 15:59
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  • SME maturity
    1. Marketing digital y redes sociales
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The presence on the internet and social networks is becoming increasingly important in the business world. If you are an SME or self-employed, don't miss this reference document!

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Executive summary

Internet presence is summarised as the set of all the information and content in the cloud belonging to a company or brand. In other words, it is the online representation or visibility of a company. Thus, in the digital era, it is one of the essential requirements for them and, therefore, it is becoming increasingly important, just as internet consumption among the population is becoming increasingly important.

The importance of online presence in organisations has changed drastically over time. In the past, offline advertising was the main focus of sales strategies. However, the information society has driven online marketing, as it offers more efficient ways for brands to provide content and establish themselves as legitimate sources in their industry.

There are a variety of methods to enhance a business' online attractiveness and, with new advances in technology and consumer methods, more and more opportunities are emerging. This paper outlines a variety of channels and platforms that make it easier to adopt a digital strategy and boost online presence.

According to Clutch, 79% of companies already consider social networks as a fundamental means of communication, being chosen for their low cost, ease of use and the geographic and time availability they offer, in addition to the large audience that can be accessed, as they currently have more than 4.55 billion users. These are especially found on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, which top the list of social networks with the highest number of internet users.

In addition, in order to visualise the great impact of the internet presence on companies, a number of companies have been interviewed as examples of success stories in the application of these tools in their business. The range of cases presented includes SMEs, entrepreneurs and freelancers who have been able to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet to increase their audience, improve their brand image and share their knowledge.

It is worth mentioning that the document is based on inputs provided by David Soler, an expert in online presence. David Soler has 14 years of experience in the digital world. He has worked for years at Grupo Planeta, where he was General Manager of the Latin American subdivision of Planeta-DeAgostini. Anto Garzía, an expert in digital strategy and social networks, has an extensive experience in programming, web management and design, and social media, working on important projects at Atresmedia such as "La Casa de Papel" and "La Voz". He is currently responsible for social media at Fremantle and is a lecturer at renowned universities.

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