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What are Acelera pyme Offices and what do they offer to SMEs like yours?

03 Sep 2021. 14:50
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The personal support and the help you need to carry out the digital transformation of your business.

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Pill about Acelera pyme Offices and what do they offer to SMEs like yours

The need to digitally boost SMEs and self-employed people has led to the appearance of various programmes aimed at supporting them in this process. An example of this is the Digitalisation of SMEs Plan 2021-2025. This plan, promoted by the Spanish Government, seeks to stimulate the digitalisation of the business fabric and the Spanish economy, and to boost companies’ competitiveness in national and international markets, while fostering entrepreneurship in Spain.

This plan includes the Acelera pyme initiative, which supports the Government's objectives through two lines of action: the Acelera pyme Platform and the network of Acelera pyme Offices.

The Acelera pyme Offices are a physical and virtual space where awareness-raising and support in digital transformation is carried out, especially aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises, self-employed people, and entrepreneurs.


How many Acelera pyme Offices exist and where are they located?

Almost 90 Acelera pyme Offices will be set up, with the aim of having presence in a large part of the national territory.

As a result of the agreement between and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, a network of 60 Acelera pyme Offices will be created, taking advantage of the existing facilities of the Chambers of Commerce in Spain. These offices will be present in the 17 autonomous communities and in the Autonomous City of Ceuta, with 35 of them starting their activity this year and the remaining 25, in 2022.

These 60 offices have been joined by another 27 Acelera pyme Offices, beneficiaries of the grants programme. These offices include professional and business associations, professional colleges, and technology and technological innovation support centres.

The creation of this network aims to be present in most of the national territory in order to support SMEs and the self-employed in all autonomous communities.


What do the Acelera pyme Offices offer SMEs and self-employed people?

You can find different ways of support in the Acelera pyme Offices through various actions. Let's take a look at the main ones.

  1. They provide help by carrying out a diagnosis of your company's current situation, so that you understand where you are, where you want to go and how you can get there.


  1. They offer an awareness-raising and consultancy service not only online, but mainly face-to-face and individually. This enables them to better understand your situation as a freelancer or SME, to provide you with specific advice and to monitor the development of your company in the best possible way. In addition, they make it easier for your company to access information on grants and private and public funding.


  1. They provide a baseline for you to understand and implement the digital tools that best suit your company’s needs. In this way, you will be able to invest your resources efficiently by focusing on those areas that will boost the growth of your business, saving costs.


  1. They offer workshops that help you to acquire more knowledge about the different digitalisation areas, providing you with information about market novelties and promoting innovation in your SME.


  1. Some of them also have a virtual platform where they update all the information about the activities they carry out, so that you can always know what training courses are being organised and select those you are interested in.


  1. In addition, many of them have a laboratory that covers a multitude of experiences and cases of success in the implementation of the digital transformation of different SMEs or freelancers. This laboratory helps your company to make the leap to innovation, the development of new products, the implementation of new technologies, etc.


A programme for the digitalisation of SMEs helped Herrajes Saiz in its transformation.

We introduce you the case of Herrajes Saiz, a micro-SME from Burgos that benefited from a previous programme of personalised support and advice for SMEs in their digital transformation. This SME is an example of how the Acelera pyme Offices will provide a boost and a competitive advantage to SMEs and self-employed people through their services.

Both the digital maturity diagnosis and the workshops they received helped them to identify and implement many digital tools that facilitated their work processes.

Nowadays, they have succeeded in incorporating digital management software, task unification tools and barcode scanners to help them identify damaged products, thus reducing costs.

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, this participation allowed them to meet different suppliers and establish professional relationships, guiding their efforts and actions towards the future.


The Acelera pyme Offices can become your greatest support in the digital transformation of your SME, providing you with resources, tools, and personalised and continuous advice. If you want to find your nearest Acelera pyme Office, the Acelera pyme Platform has a search engine that will help you identify it quickly and easily. In addition, you can always contact the Chamber of Commerce in your area or visit the website of the Chambers of Commerce or the Spanish Chamber of Commerce.

Don't hesitate any longer and contact your nearest Acelera pyme Office to boost your business in the Digital Era.


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