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Acelera pyme is now on Instagram

03 Jun 2024. 11:00
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Acelera pyme is the portal that supports SMEs and freelancers in their digital transformation process. Now, we have landed on Instagram to bring you valuable content in a more dynamic way. Take a look!

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Acelera pyme ya está en Instagram

Instagram, the 360º social network

Thanks to its diversity of formats, it attracts audiences of all ages and nationalities. In addition to serving as an entertainment platform, it is the perfect showcase for companies of any size or sector to promote their products and services.

Created in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the app has grown in every aspect, from its functions to its integration with Meta and other platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

In its early days, Instagram managed to capture the attention of users' audiences by becoming a platform for posting images. Over time, it included different options such as direct messages between people (a chat), the publication of videos or Stories, publications that disappear after 24 hours. The application also went a step further and launched into the world of live broadcasting and reels or short videos. In addition, it has also recently launched Threads, an app that aims to share text updates and encourage public conversations.

All this has allowed them to have more than 2.000 million users worldwide, of which 1.200 are active on a monthly basis

Now, Acelera pyme joins this network so that you can get to know and share our initiatives in a new channel. How? We'll tell you about it below!


Acelera pyme, on Instagram

At Acelera pyme we offer content and resources for all those who work as freelancers and have or are part of a small or medium-sized company. Our aim is to promote their digital evolution to optimise processes, avoid obsolescence, improve results and reach more people thanks to digitalisation.

On our Instagram account, you will find different types of posts about digitalisation and you will be able to share your opinions, doubts and experiences, and connect with professionals from your sector or from other sectors.

And if you want to know what we'll be sharing on our profile, here's a brief preview of what you'll be able to see:

Instagram feed
    1. Publications of informative pills, infographics, monographs, interviews, audiovisual pieces and success stories that help you learn how different digital tools and methodologies are your allies. This way, you can quickly access our contents so that you can enjoy them in your preferred format.


    You will be able to enjoy different types of publications, where you will be able to share your opinions, doubts and experiences, and connect with other professionals.


    1. Stories: announcements, surveys or calendars so that you can keep up to date with everything that happens in the Acelera SME ecosystem and be part of it by sharing your impressions, so that nothing escapes you!


    1. Featured stories: at the top of our profile, we have selected and ordered the most relevant information about the different areas and initiatives of Acelera pyme.


    1. Reels: find video tutorials or extracts of our audiovisual pieces, interviews, monographs or success stories in a dynamic and friendly format. So you can stay up to date and enjoy them in your own way!


    Come and meet us on Instagram!

    Instagram profile

    At Acelera pyme, we are excited to introduce you to our new Instagram channel, where we will keep you dynamically updated. Don't miss a single detail and join our community!

    Also, don't forget to follow us on our other social networks X or LinkedIn to access all our content and activities. We are waiting for you to transform the future of your business together!


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