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Acelera pyme Platform celebrates its first year. Get to know its main milestones!

24 Nov 2022. 16:18
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At Acelera pyme we are celebrating! This November, the Platform celebrates its first anniversary. Do you want to know what we have achieved in these 12 months? We tell you about it here!

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One year Acelera

As we have mentioned on other occasions, digitalisation is synonymous with improvement and profitability, especially for SMEs and the self-employed. In a country like Spain, where companies with less than 50 workers, micro-SMEs and the self-employed represent 99% of the business fabric and generate 70% of employment, digital transformation becomes a strategic axis for economic recovery.

And although as a country we occupy a privileged position compared to other EU countries in terms of digital skills and state-of-the-art connectivity infrastructures, we still have work to do in terms of digitisation. It is for this reason that the government's priority is to support and promote the digital transformation of SMEs.

In this context, the Acelera pyme programme was born. This initiative of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation aims to build an ecosystem on the digital transformation of SMEs, which is a reference for the whole country. This is why the Acelera pyme Platform was launched a year ago, to be the digital meeting point for SMEs. We tell you all about the journey we have made over the last 12 months!


Acelera pyme platform: one year boosting the digital transformation of SMEs

As you know, the Acelera pyme Platform is a digital ecosystem that provides valuable services and content for SMEs according to their different sectors of activity. All this, regardless of their size, sector or level of digitisation.


25 November marks one year since the launch of the Acelera pyme Platform.

In this sense, we feel full of joy and pride when we say that we have been providing information, resources and tools to promote and support the digitisation of more and more SMEs for 12 months. In fact, in just 1 year we have already had more tan 17 million visits to the portal. Do you want to know more about this journey? We'll tell you about it below!



Our main milestones in figures

We currently have more tan 400,000 registered SMEs. This represents approximately 14% of SMEs with between 0 and less than 50 employees in the country. They have completed a total of 170,000 digital transformation self-assessment tests and 45,000 cybersecurity self-assessments.

In addition, we have obtained more than 3 million unique users on the Platform. This means that at least 2 million unique visitors have visited the website, regardless of whether they do so via a computer or mobile device, or whether they do so more than once. They spend an average of 5 minutes per visit.

Likewise, a network of Acelera pyme Offices has been set up, comprising 58 Acelera pyme Rural Offices and 85 Acelera pyme Offices. This adds up to a total of 143 support points for the digital transformation of SMEs throughout the country.  In addition, these same offices and other entities collaborating with the initiative have organised more than 600 activities. The aim is to educate and support all SMEs in their digitalisation processes.

Another important task of the Platform is to provide quality content that can support and guide SMEs on digital transformation issues. That is why, during this year, we have created around 230 contents focused on helping both multi-sector SMEs and small businesses.

In this sense, the Acelera pyme Platform aims to continue contributing to boosting the digital transformation of SMEs and the self-employed. That is why we will continue working to promote their growth and improve their competitiveness through tools, resources and content. All this, in order to provide the boost that SMEs need to achieve their digitisation goals.

Have you already joined the digital change?


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