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Acelera pyme renews its experience and identity

04 Jun 2024. 11:45
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Acelera pyme is renewed to offer its audiences a new, simpler and more agile platform experience, and a new, more accessible and contemporary visual identity. Both initiatives arise from the conviction of creating a digital environment that allows intuitive access to all kinds of content on processes, tools and methodologies that facilitate the digital transformation and evolution of small and medium enterprises, as well as entrepreneurs and freelancers of any sector.

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Resposicionamiento Acelera pyme

A more intuitive experience 

Acelera pyme is a platform that constantly updates its contents. This dynamism is its main objective: to offer small and medium-sized companies updated information in different formats to help, guide and support them in their digitalization processes. 

And, under the principles of usability, the new Platform offers a more intuitive experience to locate information with efficient one-click searches. Thanks to this new navigation, each person lives a more current and personalized experience in and, with this, the essence of Acelera pyme as the initiative of the Ministry for Digital Transformation and Public Function that promotes the momentum of national digitization is enhanced.

But the experience in the Acelera pyme Platform is not only simplified and ordered by providing visual coherence. It also does so in relation to the access to the self-diagnosis tool to know the level of maturity and digital cybersecurity of the company in the different areas of your business, with the location of all the offices of the Acelera pyme network and as a direct link to the Digitalizing Agents Catalog, the Digital Kit program and the Kit Consulting program, with the Digital Advisors Catalog.


Reposicionamiento Acelera


A more accessible design

Aware of the responsibility of public institutions to offer accessible and inclusive products and services for all people and their different capacities, Acelera pyme is committed to a visual redesign that seeks total accessibility thanks to: 

  • The adjustment in its color palette to reach a chromatic set AA and AAA which means maximum accessibility in most cases. 
  • The simplification of the use of typography to generate a more minimalist and coherent visual environment.
  • The complete revision of its graphic resources so that the Platform, and all its content formats, inspire cleanliness, serenity and above all, accessibility.
  • The updating of iconography and illustrations to increase readability and comprehensibility.
  • The revision of the tone and style of communication to opt for clear language, also typical of the institutional environment.

With all this, this redesign represents a new stage for Acelera pyme to guide and accompany all small and medium enterprises in their digital bet

Acelera pyme


Acelera pyme boost

One of the objectives of digitization is to facilitate citizens' access to products and services to improve their quality of life, promote the connection between people or, for example, streamline private or administrative procedures. And, for companies of any size, digitization is essential to enhance their growth, either with tools that allow them to offer advanced solutions and improve their positioning against the competition, be more efficient or implement digital methodologies that help to create links with audiences, current and future customers, as well as with partners and suppliers. 


Acelera pyme bets on a visual redesign in which total accessibility is sought.


In fact, these are the clear objectives on which Acelera pyme was born in 2021: in order to help small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs and self-employed people to start or enhance digital transformation processes thanks to all kinds of specialized content and with a varied approach to solve doubts and offer ideas to SMEs of different sizes, sectors and levels of digitization.

Therefore, if the natural environment of Acelera pyme is the digital one and, therefore, it is an initiative that is born in a rapidly changing environment, this commitment to usability and accessibility is a boost to reaffirm its commitment to good digital practices.


We are in Social Media and beyond! 

At this time when Acelera pyme is reaffirming itself as a relevant player in the field of digital transformation, it is also expanding its social networks to bring its content, news and initiatives beyond the platform. Therefore, we invite you to follow us on X, LinkedIn and, in this new stage, on Instagram, with didactic and interactive content, and on our Spotify channel to enjoy the podcast 'Conversaciones Acelera pyme', in which experts are invited to contribute their knowledge to help boost digital evolution and make the business fabric of the national scene more competitive.

Finally, you can receive every month in your mailbox the Acelera pyme newsletter to get a summary of the most important contents of each month. 


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