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Basic digital tools to make work easier for SMEs and freelancers

23 Mar 2023. 19:05
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Taking advantage of the right digital tools allows you to work from anywhere with internet access. It also helps you save resources and, above all, time. Pay close attention because in this post we explain a series of tools that will help you get the most out of your business.

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Over the last few years, more than 90% of Spanish companies admit that they have been surprised by the increase in productivity and efficiency resulting from digitalisation. Thanks to the use of business management applications, the consumption of resources and, consequently, the time taken to carry out activities has decreased. Time is one of the most valuable resources for companies, so saving it in everyday tasks helps to increase business productivity.

Aspects such as coordinating meetings and phone calls, organising deadlines or managing tasks can be more efficient thanks to digital management tools. For example, you can implement everything from social media management tools to smart invoicing software in your company. Do you want to know more? We'll tell you about it below!



7 Digital tools for managing your business

Below, you will find a selection of tools to help you with time management, project management, task management, among others.


  1. Microsoft Office 365: an office suite of applications for desktops, servers and services for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android and Linux operating systems. They include programmes such as Word (word processing), Excel (spreadsheets), Power Point (for presentations), Outlook (email management) and Access (for creating databases). Its advantages include the possibility of working from any device anywhere, collaborating with other people online and intelligent assistance for advanced suggestions in its programmes. The latter is available in its premium version.


  1. Google Drive: file hosting and synchronisation service developed by Google. It provides encrypted and secure access to your files. As it is a cloud-based application, there is no need to have local files, minimising the risk of file loss in case something happens to your devices. Files can be accessed from any mobile device, and can even be configured to access them without an internet connection.


  1. Trello, Slack, Asana: applications that help with task management and business communications. They are cloud-based tools with a common goal: to achieve optimal organisation of tasks in order to achieve business success. They will help you, for example, in: the organisation of tasks, the order of deadlines, the coordination of teams, among other functions.


  1. Evernote: this is another computer application that aims to organise personal information by filing notes. There are versions, for example, the Windows version of the software is compatible with touch screens and handwriting recognition.


  1. WeTransfer: is an Internet file transfer service. It is one of the best options for sending large files quickly and efficiently. There are two versions: the free version (WeTransfer) and the paid version (WeTransfer Plus), which allows you to share larger files and access more options. In both cases, sending files is very simple: you upload the content you want to send to the website, add the email addresses of the recipients and, finally, press send.


  1. Zoom, Google Meet, Skype: these are video conferencing applications that offer a smooth, secure and seamless user experience. They also allow you to send and share files and documents with others.


  1. Canva: is a website for graphic design and image composition for informed communication. It offers online tools to create your own designs, whether for leisure or professional purposes. Among the designs you can create are: corporate documents, business cards, invitations, posts for social networks, among many other options. Like other tools, it offers both a free service and a premium service with more features.

As mentioned above, thanks to the implementation of these tools you will be able to improve the effectiveness of your SME. To facilitate this implementation, the Kit Digital offers different solutions for you to implement in your company through the digital voucher. In addition, you can also go to your nearest Acelera pyme Office for advice on issues related to the digitisation of your business. 

Don't miss this opportunity and implement these tools in your SME to improve your company's performance.

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