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Build customer loyalty in the fashion industry through email marketing

16 Aug 2023. 10:14
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Do you want to find out how you can get your customers to buy again from your business? If you are in the fashion industry, in this post we are going to show you a very useful tool to achieve it: email marketing. 

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Fideliza a tus clientes en el sector de la moda a través del email marketing

Did you know that attracting new customers costs between 5 and 7 times more than retaining the ones you already have? Loyalty is a key strategy to retain customers and make them decide to buy from your SME before others. And, for this, we are going to show you how email marketing can offer you the help you need to achieve it if you are in the fashion business. 


What is email marketing? 

It is a communication tool that consists of sending emails to the customers in your database. This technique has been in use for decades and still manages to reinvent itself to offer the best service to your SME. 

In the fashion industry, this tool allows you to create a relationship with your customers, interact with them, offer effective communication during their purchases, attract new consumers and, therefore, increase your sales. 


What are the benefits for the fashion industry? 

If you are thinking of including this tool in your business strategy, these are the advantages of using email marketing: 

  • Establish a direct communication with your customers: you will be able to send relevant information to the users of your database and solve their doubts about the different garments or accessories, promotions, or news of the sector. 

  • Segment your subscribers: you will have the possibility to personalize the service to your customers and send messages that fit their tastes and needs. This can help you send the necessary advice about a product or brand to each customer. 

  • Build customer loyalty: informing consumers about the latest news and trends in the sector can help you generate a feeling of trust that makes them choose your store when they need to expand their closet. 

  • Generate traffic to your online store: drive subscribers from a database to your website. This can help you increase visits and improve the visibility of your business.  

  • Increase sales: in addition to sending promotions that encourage your customers to buy, you can recommend clothes, accessories, or any other product that they have visited at some point or that are related to their previous purchases. 


What customer loyalty strategies can you use? 

Are you convinced by email marketing? Here are some examples of customer loyalty strategies that you can start using: 

  • Newsletters: send news or trends to your customers. You can also include news, upcoming events, interviews, or tips to keep your customers informed and interested. 

  • Promotions: consists of exclusive offers and discounts for customers who subscribe to your email marketing service. You can send discount codes, as well as apply offers on certain garments or accessories. 

  • Loyalty program: this will help your customers to want to buy again in your store by obtaining a series of advantages in their next visits. You can offer accumulation of points for discounts or participation in contests. 

  • Surveys or opinions: encourage the participation of customers in your business through forms in which they can show their opinion about the things they like and the things they would change. In addition to making them feel involved, you will be able to find new ideas to incorporate into your store. 

  • Automate the customer lifecycle: depending on how long a customer has been subscribed to your database, you can send different types of emails. If they have just subscribed, send them a welcome message with a general recommendation about your online store. If they have been subscribed for longer, find out what their preferences are and what products they might be interested in.  

  • Exclusive content: offer information that can only be accessed by people subscribed to your database, such as previews of new products. It will help strengthen the relationship with these customers and make new consumers want to join this practice. 


What are you waiting for? If you want to start enjoying the benefits of email marketing in your store and offer your customers all the latest news in the fashion industry, go digital

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