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Copilot: the total assistant for your SME

07 Mar 2024. 12:48
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You've probably had to deal with lengthy documents and have spent many hours on them. But now, with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, you can speed up processes and perform tasks in much less time. Introducing Copilot, the help you need in your day-to-day life.

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Artificial Intelligence is being perfected so that people and businesses can benefit from its agility when it comes to finding information and processes. Among other things, it can automate tasks that take up a large part of your time, something that is essential for SMEs, as every second counts in order to offer a better service to customers.

In this context, Microsoft, one of the world's best-known technology corporations - founded by Paul Allen and Bill Gates - decided in 2009 to develop a virtual assistant to facilitate the creation and consumption of content by users on the internet. In 2015, Cortana saw the light of day, a project that failed to arouse interest and which Microsoft decided to discontinue in 2021.

Now, at the height of the boom in generative AI technology, the US company has decided to give the virtual assistant dream a second chance with Copilot.


Copilot, Microsoft's new AI project

In that same 2021 in which the Cortana project was suspended, GitHub, an internet portal dedicated to hosting open source applications and which was acquired by Microsoft in 2018, began to create a new help system for users: Copilot.

Copilot is a virtual assistant that uses Artificial Intelligence to help solve, in just a few seconds, any doubt or task you need. It integrates directly into the Windows system so that you can use it in your web browser or applications. This system uses Codex, an Artificial Intelligence mechanism developed by OpenAI, the famous platform that created other tools such as ChatGPT.

This new virtual assistant, which was presented a few months ago, is not yet available for all devices in Spain. In fact, according to Microsoft's website, it will become available in the coming months. However, it is already starting to be implemented progressively in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook or Teams applications of the Microsoft 365 package.

Read on to find out more about its main functions!


Use Copilot in your SME

Microsoft's new virtual assistant can be an opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses to incorporate new technologies into their day-to-day operations and make their processes easier.


Copilot is a virtual assistant that uses Artificial Intelligence to help solve, in a few seconds, any doubt or task.


In fact, the report of the National Observatory of Technology and Society (ONTSI) on the use of Artificial Intelligence in Spanish companies places AI as one of the tools whose demand is increasing and that more and more companies of all sizes are incorporating.

This new tool can help you to:

  1. Produce a text in just a few seconds according to your instructions.
  2. Obtain information on a subject.
  3. Summarise the content of a document or a web page.
  4. Organise your tasks according to your priorities.
  5. Rewrite an already edited document.
  6. Translating the content of a publication into another language.


Tips for using Copilot

As you have seen, Copilot can be a great help when carrying out certain tasks in the day-to-day running of your business. However, you can get the most out of it if you make the most of its tools.

And, in this post, we show you how!

  1. Choose the ideal conversation style for each moment: select from three dialogue modes and adapt Copilot's messages to your needs at that moment. You can choose between a creative tone, the balanced mode or the precise style.
  2. Use the language you need: although the tool addresses you in the language you have set on your device, you can ask it to speak to you in any other language. This will help you start a conversation in other languages.
  3. Ask for a simpler explanation: Copilot may use technical vocabulary, and if you type "explain it to me like I'm five years old", the system will pay attention to your request and make the text easier to understand.
  4. Synthesise your documents: with Copilot, you will be able to discover the main ideas of a text and classify them in much less time than if you were to do it manually in order to generate conclusions on which each person can then add their perception and knowledge to enrich them.
  5. Create an image: thanks to a brief description of what you need, Copilot can generate a drawing or any other graphic resource that adds visual value to your content.
  6. Connect your mobile: you can also incorporate Copilot to your smartphone, as it has an application so that you can use it wherever you want.


These are just some of the main functions of Copilot, Microsoft's new virtual assistant. But you can use it for a large number of tasks, such as creating formulas for your Excel spreadsheets.


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