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Electronic signatures speed up document processing in your legal consultancy

27 Feb 2024. 13:38
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If your SME provides legal advice, you need to be prepared to process, classify and organise a multitude of documents every day. And you also need to process them as efficiently as possible. In this post, we show you how electronic signatures can help you to speed up the whole process.

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Firma electrónica en asesoría jurídica

What is an electronic signature?

Before finding out how it can help your business, it is interesting to understand what an electronic signature is. This term refers to a set of electronic data that makes it possible to identify a person and validate their signature on a document digitally. It works in the same way as a traditional handwritten signature, but with the advantages of an electronic tool, such as security and speed in terms of the time taken.

In Spain, it is regulated by Law 59/2003 of 19 December 2003, which states, among other aspects, that the electronic signature must identify a person, ensure the integrity of the signed document and must be generated by a secure signature creation system.


What advantages does it offer an SME in the legal sector?

Electronic signature is a very useful tool in small and medium-sized companies that deal with legal and extensive documents, as it speeds up processes thanks to the advantages of digitalisation.

In the case of a legal consultancy, where the amount of paperwork is high and there are usually short deadlines for submitting documents, the electronic signature offers the possibility to:

  1. Obtain your client's signature more quickly, as it does not require them to physically travel anywhere and they can sign a document wherever and whenever they want.
  2. Avoid manipulation of the document, as it cannot be modified without altering the signature, thus guaranteeing the security of both the signatory and the document itself.
  3. Having a secure system that is regulated practically all over the world, so you will be using a tool that is controlled by the state laws of the countries.
  4. Promote sustainability and care for the environment, as you will reduce the use of paper by using digital systems that are less harmful to the ecosystem.


Electronic signature is regulated by Law 59/2003 of 19 December 2003, which states that they must identify a person, ensure the integrity of the signed document and be generated by a secure system.


What tools can you use to digitally sign a document?

Now that you know what electronic signature is and how it can help your SME dedicated to the legal sector and legal consultancy, it is time for you to get to know some of the tools or applications that you can use to digitally sign your documents quickly and easily:

  1. AutoFirma: this application, created by the Ministry of Finance and Public Function, will allow you to send your client the document to sign and automatically choose the format to be applied. In this way, your client will only have to sign the document.
  2. VALIDe: this is the application that generates, visualises and validates electronic signatures in multiple formats. It is a tool that the General State Administration makes available to institutions, companies and citizens, so you can use it to send documents to your customers securely.
  3. Dropbox Sign: formerly known as HelloSign, this is an application that allows you to upload a document, indicate where your clients should sign and send it to them. It has different pricing plans and, in addition, a free version with 3 documents per month free of charge.
  4. Signaturit: is a Spanish tool that helps you to speed up the management and signing of any document without renouncing legal and juridical guarantees. It has a 7-day free trial and different price plans depending on your needs.

Remember that you can find more tools that fit your needs and those of your SME's. Analyse what your company and clients need, and start researching!


Electronic signature is a system that can help your legal consultancy to improve the efficiency of your work, achieve better results while investing less time and, in addition, improve your clients' satisfaction. If you want to know more about it, we recommend you to see our monograph 'The electronic signature to improve your processes'.

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