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The essential automations that businesses should implement to go digital

19 Apr 2022. 16:32
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From recruitment processes to customer service, automation streamlines functions that until recently seemed impossible to automate. 

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Las automatizaciones esenciales que deberían implementar las empresas para ser digitales

Advances in robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning are paving the way for an era of automation as machines enable us to improve the productivity of our businesses. This is because the automation of activities allows us to reduce errors, improve quality and speed in certain processes and, in some cases, can achieve results that go beyond human capacity. 



Process automation helps streamline operations, improve customer experiences and control costs. 



For this reason, more and more companies are implementing it in their activities. According to the report A Future that Works: Automation, Jobs and Productivity by McKinsey, around 60% of all professions are made up of automatable activities that account for 30% of their total. In fact, the same report states that global productivity growth could range from 0.8% to 1.4% thanks to automation. But what does automation within companies really consist of? 



What is enterprise automation?  


Work automation refers to the ability to deliver a better experience faster and according to the needs of each business. It occurs when a company uses technology to complete manual tasks that can be slower, more time-consuming, costly and frustrating. Thus, a company's goal with automation should be focused on combining automated and manual processes to foster growth and free people to focus on other tasks that cannot be automated. 


All companies have tasks that range from simple and repetitive to complex and unique. This is where automation plays an important role as it can be applied to almost any type of work. In this sense, work automation is very useful for different departments, as there are many tasks that can be automated. For example, customer service can be automated with chatbots or sales contract management and invoice tracking. For this reason, we tell you which are the essential automations that you should apply within your SME to transform it into a digital company. 



Essential automations you can implement in your company: 


Project management 

With automation, it is possible to digitalise workflows and automate the logistical side of several projects simultaneously. For example, there are task management tools that make it possible to know who is doing what and when. So, when an employee finishes a task, the system automatically notifies the next person in the workflow. As a result, this person can start working on the part that is due to him or her. 


Customer service 

This department is one of the departments with the greatest opportunities for process automation, as this technology makes it possible to create automatic responses to emails or chats when certain keywords are detected. In addition, it is also possible to create automatic responses on social media that respond to a list of frequently asked questions. Another case of automation can be the classification or assignment of support tickets to the right department or team member. 



There are automation softwares that trigger approval processes for requests of any kind. This facilitates the management of requests that come in every day by allowing notifications to be sent to each collaborator to approve the request. 



With certain automation tools, there is no need for HR to manage documents that need to be signed or completed manually. This is because by automating these processes these requests can be made online and in turn, you can keep track of what has been completed and what has not. 



A fundamental task for the sales department is the creation and tracking of invoices. These tasks can be automated to save time and possible error rates. In this way, the accuracy and acceleration of each sales process can be improved. 

While there are many tasks that can be automated in an SME's processes, interpersonal skills, creativity and people skills will always be needed. However, automating tasks will allow you to drive the digital transformation of your business by helping it become more flexible and competitive. 

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