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Gemini: how Google's artificial intelligence can help your SME

09 Apr 2024. 10:05
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Artificial intelligence can position itself, in a short period of time, as one of the most widely used tools by companies of any size or sector. Among other things, it offers the possibility of automating and performing tasks in a matter of seconds, and its correct use helps to optimise processes in any business.

Now, Google is launching Gemini. And, in this post, we show you how it can help you.

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Gemini, the multimodal language model

2023 was, without a doubt, the year of the consolidation of artificial intelligence. A year in which the use of platforms such as ChatGPT became established and began to become an everyday tool. In a short time, new models emerged that are capable, among other functions, of creating images or videos.

In this context, Google wanted to position itself in this field and join the race for the development of these technologies.

On 6 December 2023, the technology company announced the arrival of Gemini, its new artificial intelligence model that comes to compete with the other platforms created so far and promises to be a revolution in this field.

Do you want to know what it is all about? We tell you all about it!


Google's all-rounder

In a world where information flows at a dizzying pace, the use of artificial intelligence tools has become an opportunity to meet and overcome challenges.

Gemini defines itself as "a multimodal language model". That is, a platform with a capability that allows it to understand and process information in different modalities, such as text, images, audio or code.

The arrival of Gemini therefore addresses a number of key issues that people have to deal with in their daily lives:

  1. Clarity of information: nowadays, we live surrounded by a large amount of data. Having a tool that allows access to them in a clear, agile and simple way is a competitive advantage in a market that is increasingly saturated with information.

  2. Digital communication: more and more people are interacting with each other through digital channels. Using platforms to personalise and improve people's online experience is a great way to make a difference.

  3. New forms of creativity: use of these tools allows artists and content creators to have a source of inspiration that, in addition to developing their work, allows them to have new ideas.

  4. Ethical responsibility: in a framework of uncertainty in the face of the advance of artificial intelligence and the possible dangers it may pose for people, respecting and caring for the fundamental rights of citizens is a priority task for these platforms. In fact, European Commission has already approved the first regulatory law on Artificial Intelligence, a regulation on which these new platforms must base their work.


How can Gemini help your SME?

At this point, and now that you know what Gemini is and how Google's new platform came about, it's time to find out how you can use it in your business if you are an SME or a freelancer:


Gemini defines itself as "a multimodal language model". A platform with the ability to understand and process information in different modalities.


  1. Marketing and communication: thanks to its ability to create texts, Gemini offers you the possibility to write articles for your blog, newsletter or social media posts that allow you to showcase your knowledge, news and the essence of your brand. It also has an option to translate this content into other languages.

  2. Information search: identify trends or find key information that allows your business to grow thanks to its web research function. In this way, you can detect new opportunities.

  3. Ease of administration: Gemini has a function that summarises documents quickly. You can reduce the time spent on this task and improve your productivity.

  4. Creative development: you can be inspired by new ideas and even create content in any format to design the image of your business. A very useful function to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

As you have seen, Gemini is a good opportunity for your SME and promises to be one of the most relevant platforms in the field of artificial intelligence. Also, remember that we always recommend comparing tools so that each business can use the one that best suits their needs.


If you want to learn about new platforms or tools that you can use in your business, don't miss our contents on artificial intelligence.

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