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Get to know MiFacturae, the service that generates electronic invoices

12 Jun 2024. 13:04
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Processing your documentation with the public administration can be a process that requires you to invest more time than you want. But now, you can simplify the generation of your electronic invoices in just one place: MiFacturae!

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About e-invoices

Digitalisation has come into our lives to become a fundamental tool in our day-to-day lives. And for SMEs and the self-employed, it is no exception. The electronic invoice has emerged as a solution that makes it possible to support commercial transactions between a buyer and a seller digitally, recording all the information on both parties.

Among its advantages, we can find:

  1. Efficiency and agility in the operational process.

  2. Reduction of production costs.

  3. Improved accuracy and traceability of documents.

  4. Ease of managing payments and collections.

  5. Increased security of relevant information.

  6. Flexibility through remote processing.

  7. Regulatory compliance.

  8. Contribution to environmental care.

In addition, following the approval in October 2022 of the Crea y Crece Law, a regulation whose main objectives are the creation and growth of companies through the simplification of bureaucratic processes and digitalisation, it will be mandatory for all companies. Specifically, for companies with an annual turnover of more than 8 million euros, this procedure is already mandatory. For companies with a turnover of less than 8 million euros, it will be compulsory from July 2025.

For this reason, the General Secretariat of the General Administration (SGAD) has launched MiFacturae, a solution that comes to streamline this need. We tell you how it works!


MiFacturae, the service for generating electronic invoices

Generating electronic invoices is a very useful solution for all companies that record or want to record all their transactions digitally. But it can be difficult for SMEs and freelancers who are not used to this process.

MiFacturae solves this problem, as it is a completely free online service that generates electronic invoices easily and securely. To use it, all you need is an Internet connection and an electronic identification method, such as digital certificates, electronic ID or the Cl@ve system.

In addition, this service is responsible for preparing electronic invoices in the FacturaE format required by the Public Administration, and allows you to submit the documentation in FACe, the general point for this type of file.


Learn how to use MiFacturae

Now it's time for you to learn how it works so you can start using it. Take note of these steps!


MyFacturae is a free online service that generates electronic invoices easily and securely.


  1. General details of the invoice: fill in the basic information of your invoice such as the date of issue, the number or the details of the issuer and the receiver.

  2. Invoice concept data: in this step, you will have to select the concept of your invoice. If it does not exist, you can create it according to your needs. Also, you must add at least one tax and you can optionally complete the discounts or charges in case they exist, as well as the order or invoice file. Once all the data is complete, MiFacturae automatically calculates the total amount of the invoice.

  3. Invoice global data: here, you must include data such as supplements and financial expenses, discounts and global charges, global retention, attached documentation, references and extensions, credit assignment, legal literals and payment data.

  4. Invoice summary: once you have completed the previous steps, you will see a summary of the three sections thanks to a drop-down provided by the platform. At the end, you can sign your electronic invoice using the AutoFirma application.

  5. Download your electronic invoice: finally, MiFacturae offers you the possibility of downloading the document in XML format or submitting it in FACe. The choice is yours!

Remember that you can use this platform from your smartphone or your computer. And you can also manage your personal space to store all your information.


If you want to be aware of other new digital tools to implement in your business and facilitate certain tasks, follow us on X and LinkedIn.

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