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How to become a Digitising Agent in the Digital Kit aid programme?

12 Jan 2022. 10:20
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Entradilla is launching the selection process for Digital Agents, which you can apply for from 11 January. Read on to find out the details!

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The process of digitalisation of the economy is one of the main technological changes of our time. This is because the incorporation of digital systems in society has led to the need for companies to prepare themselves for the new market requirements. This situation affects a large part of the actions carried out by companies, especially SMEs and the self-employed. For this reason, it is essential to have the resources to tackle a good digital transformation. 

Fortunately, there are several programmes designed to boost digitisation in the country that come from different subsidies from European funds. Among them, within the framework of the Spain Digital Agenda 2025, the SME Digitalisation Plan 2021-2025 and the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, is the Digital Kit Programme. An initiative of the Government of Spain, which aims to subsidise the implementation of digital solutions available on the market to achieve significant progress in the level of digital maturity of SMEs and the self-employed. 

These digital solutions will be offered by entities adhered to the Digital Kit programme that will become Digital Agents. Do you want to be one of them? We tell you how! 


Who can be a Digitalising Agent? 

In order to guarantee the efficient provision of services, entities wishing to join the Kit Digital programme to become a Digitalising Agent must meet the following requirements: 

1. Have an accumulated turnover of at least 100,000 euros in the two years prior to the submission of the application for membership, or 50,000 euros in the previous year, in projects similar to those to be developed in any of the categories of digital solutions. In the case of self-employed persons without dependent workers, the accumulated turnover must be at least 70,000 euros in the two years prior to the submission of the application, or 35,000 euros per year in the previous year, in projects similar to those to be developed. 

2. To be up to date with their tax and Social Security obligations. 

3. Not be considered to be a company in crisis. 

4. Have accreditation of having a tax domicile and main centre for the provision of activities within the European Union. 

5. To have, at the time of application, a web page dedicated to the Digital Kit Programme in a domain name of the Digitalising Agent that contains the different solutions offered. will be responsible for the selection of the Digitising Agents, as well as for the monitoring and control of the aforementioned requirements. The selected entities will be the only ones that will be able to provide the digitalisation solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises and the self-employed that are beneficiaries of the vouchers of the Kit Digital Programme. 


Procedure for applying to join the Digital Kit Programme 

  1.  Application for participation 

The following aspects should be highlighted: 

  • Interested parties must submit their application by means of a form only by telematic means through the Electronic Headquarters of with a valid digital certificate.  

  • The application may be submitted by a duly authorised legal representative of the applicant entity. 

  • Present the necessary documentation to accredit that all the requirements are met. 

  • Both the application and all documents must be, at least, in Spanish and digitally signed by a duly authorised representative. 

  • Only one application per Digitising Agent will be accepted.  


  1. Instruction  

  • The investigating body will examine the documentation provided by the applicants in order to verify compliance with the established requirements. 

  • The verification of the requirements by the Digital Economy Directorate of may be carried out before or after the resolution.  

  • If the documentation provided does not meet the requirements, the interested party will be required to rectify the lack of documentation or to attach the necessary documents within a period of ten working days. 


  1. Resolution of the procedure 

  • The Digital Economy Directorate of will submit the final resolution proposals to the competent body, which will identify the applicants that meet the requirements to participate as a Digitised Adhering Agent, as well as the categories of digitisation solutions for which their application has been accepted, in order to proceed with their inclusion in the Catalogue of Digitisers. 

  • The resolution will be notified through publication in the Electronic Headquarters. 

  • The maximum period for resolving and notifying the decision may not exceed 6 months from the date of submission of the application by the interested party. 


The deadline for applying to join the Programme will begin on 11 January 2022. 

In the event of being accepted, the Digitalising Agents must comply with the following obligations, among others, which may be consulted in the Regulatory Bases of the Digital Kit Programme

  • Communicate, if required by, the companies with which they are going to provide each of the digitisation solutions, as well as the employment generated in the Member Digitising Agent. 

  • Mention in its communication media (publications, websites or similar) that the financing of the aid is made with funds from the Spanish Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, financed by the European Next Generation EU Plan. 

  • To provide due collaboration in the verification of the correct provision of the subsidised actions. 

  • Not to condition the beneficiary to contract any other product that does not correspond to the Programme's Catalogue of Digitisation Solutions. 

  • In addition, they must comply with the conditions contained in the Notice of Accession to become a digitisation agent. 



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