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How can digitalisation help you with your workshop management?

31 Mar 2023. 10:55
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Automating processes allows us to save costs, effort and time, and at the same time be more productive. Find out in this post which areas of your workshop you can digitise and how the Kit Digital makes it easier for you.

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We have said it before, and we reiterate it again: technology is here to help us be more productive. This applies to any type of business, including mechanical workshops. For this reason, from Acelera pyme we want to teach you how to carry out the digital transformation of your workshop so that, through different office tools, you can have more efficient processes, reach more customers and offer a better service.

Did you know that in Spain there are around 100,000 searches per month on Google for car repair shops? This could be a great opportunity for garage professionals, as there are thousands of people who carry out these searches to contract a service or product for their cars.


Digitisation is a process that has been slower in the automotive sector and many small workshops are still not fully digitised.


Digitising your garage is very important for several reasons, such as: giving visibility to your business and attracting new customers, increasing sales, optimising processes and improving your positioning in an increasingly competitive and technological market.

Advantages of digitising your workshop

  • Optimise management and profitability: with the right tools you can keep track of warehouse stock, place orders, manage customer appointments as well as quotes and invoices. All this in a faster and simpler way.


  • Increases mechanics' productivity: specialised software is available to help diagnose vehicle problems, optimising the overhaul process and increasing technicians' accuracy.


  • Improve customer relations: managing your customer database and automating communications in a secure way makes your customers feel better served and satisfied.


  • Increases the visibility of the bodyshop: having an online presence allows you to reach new customers more quickly.


How to digitise your workshop with the help of the Kit Digital?

Digital transformation is not something new for garages, it is a process that many of them started a long time ago. No matter how digitised your workshop is, the Kit Digital Programme provides you with a digital voucher so that you can implement the following solutions:

  • Electronic invoicing

This solution consists of digitising the flow of issuing and receiving invoices from both your customers and suppliers.  This will allow you to improve the efficiency and productivity of your workshop, as well as reduce manual errors and contribute to the environment by going paperless.


  • Website and internet positioning

Get the new website for your mechanical workshop or renew the one you already have thanks to this solution. The Kit Digital helps you to have your own design with its corresponding domain and hosting so that you can reach more customers.

In addition, a good website allows you to position your mechanical workshop on the internet. For example: imagine that someone is close to your mechanical workshop searches on Google for the nearest garage and your garage's details appear in the first results. For this, it is necessary to have a company profile on Google and an SEO strategy. All this will allow you to increase the visibility of your business and to generate trust in your future customers.


  • Inventory management

With the use of certain office tools, you will be able to digitalise and automate your business processes related to purchasing from suppliers and stock forecasting, such as: spare parts forecasting, purchases, returns, cancellations, among others.


  • Client management

Depending on the number of customers you have, perhaps a notebook or even an Excel spreadsheet is no longer sufficient to manage your customers. A tool such as a CMR (Customer Relationship Manager) allows you to store and consult the data of all your customers. In addition, it will also help you to optimise the management of your business relationships with your current and potential customers.


Managing a mechanical workshop, regardless of its size, is an activity that must be carried out as professionally as possible. That is why, as the company that it is, it must adapt to all the processes of today's society without fearing modernisation and understanding all the advantages of digitalisation for your business.

If you have the right tools, procedures, support and professionals, this management can become easier and more efficient. Do you already have everything you need to join the digital change?


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