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The importance of SMEs adapting to digital change

30 Aug 2021. 12:25
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Adapting to digital change must start within your organisation so that your SME can always move forward.

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Pill about the importance of SMEs adapting to digital change

During the Digital Era, and even more so in these times, we could say that the phrase "the only constant is change" is gaining more and more strength. SMEs have also been involved in this adaptation to the digital environment and it has been proven that those that embrace the change manage to move forward with their activity in a more easily way.

In order to understand the importance of SMEs adapting to change in the digital environment, it is first essential to define what the digital environment is.  

The digital environment is the set of channels, platforms and tools that brands or companies use to have a presence on the Internet and achieve their objectives. An objective may be to strengthen online presence, increase sales, or build customer loyalty.  


The digital environment is increasingly linked to the work environment.


In the business sector, changes are due to various reasons, whether external or internal. When we initiate a series of actions to integrate our SME into the digital environment, we are expecting to reduce technological barriers and facilitate work processes. 

Consumer habits have changed and continue to change, and many of our activities are now carried out online: payments, shopping, entertainment, studies, etc. A company that wants to compete in today's market must incorporate digitalisation into its day-to-day operations to avoid disappearing. 

But, what can we do to start the digital transformation in our company successfully?

  1. Become aware. Analysing the current situation of the sector and where your company is will help you to become aware of where you are, where you want to be and the importance of adapting digitalisation to your SME. This is especially important when it comes to communicating to employees the importance and benefits of a new technological solution.


  1. Know the new technologies that are working in your sector, and which are the most suitable to achieve our objectives. Keeping up with new technological developments can be an opportunity to improve our business. A recommendation for a better assimilation of new work tools is to incorporate technologies with an easy and friendly user experience. This will ensure acceptance and wider generalisation in the use of new solutions. 


  1. Improve internal and external communication. This involves optimizing communication channels with suppliers, employees and customers. It helps to create synergies, brings new points of view to address the usual problems, and increases the motivation of the employees who have participated during the process.


  1. Promote learning and teamwork. In order to achieve digital transformation, it is essential to develop coordinated actions among employees that bring you closer to your goal. In addition, acquiring new knowledge is important to improve the processes and results of your company. With good training and the right tools, we keep the team active and achieve better performance.


We hope this post has helped you appreciate the importance of adapting to digital change in SMEs. Start now your digital transformation!


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