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The keys to content marketing for the tourism sector

23 Aug 2023. 12:15
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Are you thinking of giving a boost to your SME's website? Keep reading this post in which we show you a very useful tool with which you can attract customers and stand out in the tourism sector: content marketing.

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Las claves del marketing de contenidos para el sector turístico

In a sector as competitive as the tourism industry, it is essential to offer relevant and quality information to users. If you are thinking of using a new tool to improve traffic to your website, content marketing is for you!


What is marketing content?

Content marketing is a digital marketing strategy that aims to create, publish, and distribute relevant and valuable content to attract, engage and retain a specific audience.

It consists of making useful and entertaining publications to attract the user's attention and convert them into a potential customer using different formats such as blogs, videos, publications on social networks or infographics, among others.

Among the advantages for the tourism sector, content marketing can help to acquire new customers and retain them for future sales, offer useful information for travel or plans, create a connection with users based on trust and improve the visibility and positioning of a web page in search engines.


How to create relevant content?

If you are in the tourism industry and this post about content marketing is catching your attention, find out what are the keys to create content that interests your audience:

  • Define your audience: create an ideal customer or buyer persona to help you identify the audience you want to target with your content.

  • Define your objectives: be clear about what you want to achieve with your content marketing strategy. This could be to attract more customers to increase your sales or get traffic to your website, among other options.

  • Decide what type of content you are going to create: if you are going to use the blog format and write posts with varied information, if you are going to publish videos, share images or infographics, for example.

  • Establish a communication channel: select how you are going to distribute your content and how you are going to get users to find it and consume it. You can do this through your website, your social networks or video platforms such as YouTube.


What can you start doing?

Are you ready to start developing your own content marketing strategy? If you've decided to take the plunge and offer valuable and relevant information to your tourism business customers, take note of these tips!

  1. Explore what type of content users are looking for to know what topics you should address when offering useful information to convert them into customers. You can use tools such as Semrush or Google Trends to know the current trends and the most searched keywords on the Internet.

  2. Create original and innovative content that catches the attention of your customers and that they can't see on any other website. You can take ideas from other blogs or social network accounts, but using the same texts is counterproductive when it comes to positioning the content in search engines, so try to create unique content.

  3. Combine different content formats such as, for example, videos or images in the posts to offer a more varied content that is really attractive to users who click on your website.

  4. Share content both on your social media accounts and with other content creators. This will help you acquire traffic from new sources and search engines will reward you when ranking your content above others.

  5. Measure and analyze the results to know what kind of content works and which ones do not really arouse interest from users. You can do this with web analytics tools such as Google Analytics.


Have you already learned how to attract more users to your website and boost your SME in the tourism sector? Join content marketing and offer a new service to your customers!

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