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The second Call for applications for the Digital Kit Programme has arrived!

03 Aug 2022. 16:11
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The time has come! The Government is launching the second Call for applications for the Digital Kit Programme. On this occasion, new categories among other changes, as part of the modifications of the regulatory bases. We tell you everything you need to know about it in this post!

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Segunda convocatoria de ayudas del Programa Kit Digital

Once again,, the organisation responsible for granting aid under the Digital Kit Programme, is launching another call for applications. However, this time, the call for applications has been affected by a series of changes that have recently been implemented in the regulatory bases initially defined on 29 December 2021.

Among the changes made are the addition of new categories, changes in some amounts, extension of types of beneficiaries, way of signing agreements between beneficiaries and Digitalisation Agent, among others. And they aim to bring the various digitalisation solutions in line with current technological advances.

In addition, these modifications seek to improve certain aspects that guarantee the correct execution of the grants and the achievement of the objectives defined in the Digital Kit Programme. Do you want to know them in detail? Read on!

Who can apply?

This second Call is aimed at small or micro enterprises with between 3 and less than 10 employees, corresponding to Segment II of the regulatory bases of the Digital Kit Programme.

In addition to complying with the above requirement, small companies, micro-enterprises and self-employed persons whose tax domicile is located in Spanish territory may be beneficiaries of this aid.

Amount of aid

For this call, the maximum amount of aid or digital voucher per beneficiary will be 6.000 € and with it the SMEs will be able to acquire the digitisation solutions for 12 categories (previously there were 10, the categories of Advanced Internet Presence and Marketplace have been added) shown below together with the maximum amounts of aid per category and the months of service provision.


Digitalisation Solutions Category

Months of service provision

Segment II

3 ≤ X*<10 employees

Website and Basic Internet Presence


2.000 €



2.000 €

Social Media Management


2.500 €

Customer Management


2.000 € (includes 1 user)

Business Intelligence y Analytics


2.000 € (includes 1 user)

Process Management


3.000 € (includes 3 users)

Electronic Invoice


2.000 € (includes 3 users)

Virtual Office services and tools


250 €/usuario (up to 9 users)

Secure Communications


125 €/ dispositivo (up to 9 users)



125 €/ dispositivo (up to 9 users)

Advanced Internet presence


2.000 €



2.000 €


*: where X is the number of employees, according to the provisions of Article 7 of Order ETD/1498/2021 of 29 December



When can you apply?

Interested companies will be able to apply for the grants from 2 September 2022 at the website. The application deadline is December 31st 2024.


How to apply for the Digital Kit voucher

The steps are the same as with the first calls (link to post of the first calls) in which you must:

  1. Register in Acelera pyme and take the self-diagnosis test to check the level of digitalisation of your company.
  2. Consult the catalogue of digital solutions in the Digital Kit.
  3. Apply for aid from the Digital Kit at the electronic headquarters by completing the following form (Link to the form).
  4. Choose one or more solutions that best suit your business.
  5. Sign a Digital Solutions provision agreement with the Digital Agents who will implement the solution.

From now on, agreements between beneficiaries and Digitalising Agents can be signed by electronic means such as: electronic certificate, permanent Cl@ve or Cl@ve PIN. This facilitates and provides greater legal certainty to the beneficiary of the aid, optimising the signature systems already available in the public sector.


It should be noted that the Digital Kit Programme is regulated by Order ETD/1498/2021, of 29 December. However, as mentioned above, a modification of the Bases Reguladoras (Orden ETD/734/2022, de 26 de julio) has been carried out, which will apply to all calls for aid that are published after 30 July 2022, without being retroactive to the call for aid for Segment I, C005/22-SI. This pill includes the modifications of the Regulatory Bases (Order ETD/734/2022, of 26 July). In any case, the information contained in the Regulatory Bases and in the different Calls will prevail.


For more details about the requirements for each category and other processes and formalities, we invite you to consult the complete rules in the following link.


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