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User experience on digital devices

21 Dec 2021. 11:28
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Offering your client a memorable experience in the digital environment will help you to increase customer loyalty.

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Consumers are looking for companies to offer memorable experiences in the purchasing process. This desire has been transferred to digital channels, making the user experience one of the key variables to guarantee an unforgettable interaction.


User experience is the set of factors that influence an internet user's interaction with a brand. It is primarily oriented towards contacts with websites and apps, but encompasses all digital channels where there is interaction. For this reason, it has become a very important discipline and many companies have introduced this factor in their organisations.


The main axes of the user experience that you must ensure are mainly:

  • User accessibility from different devices. It is essential that the design and content is adapted to all devices and search engines, so that your customers and potential customers can always visit your website.
  • Attractive and user-friendly design with a well-defined and organised structure that allows the user to navigate in a simple way. 
  • Usability or ease of use of the website. You must have a comfortable and practical interface that makes it easy for the user to find everything they need on the web platform in an intuitive way.
  • Technical aspects such as loading speed and a good technical structure influence the agility and practicality of the digital platform.
  • Visual creativity in the elements integrated in the different digital channels. These must be eye-catching and attractive to the user, using different formats such as text, photographs and all kinds of multimedia elements. The colours you incorporate are an important detail, as you must ensure that they facilitate navigation and match your visual identity, in order to offer a coherent and homogeneous brand image.

Guarantee the user experience on your website to offer an unforgettable purchasing process.


The experience your customer perceives in digital media is a key factor in building customer loyalty. Here are some actions you can take to boost your customer's experience.


  • Be visible on social media, providing relevant information to your customers and potential customers. Offer them a simple and direct connection by continually talking and listening to them. On these platforms you can discover what they like and are interested in so that you can incorporate it into their shopping experience and achieve a higher degree of satisfaction.
  • Collect feedback from your customer. Constant communication can help you collect data on their impressions, opinions and purchasing experiences. This aspect is key to grow and improve, as you will discover what strengths you should maintain and what aspects you should improve.
  • Establish different methods of fast and efficient payment. The moment of payment is the most important step in a purchasing process. Therefore, you need to ensure that it runs smoothly and is not a hindrance to your SME.


 Have a responsive design or design adaptable to all types of devices on all your online platforms. This aspect is important for the organic positioning of your website as customers increasingly have more devices, so you must ensure that they can access your platform optimally, regardless of the device they use.

All these variables will help to enhance the brand image of your SME in digital channels. Remember that when putting all these aspects into practice, you must be consistent with your values as a company in order to transmit credibility and trust.

In addition, the communication you carry out must be homogeneous in the different channels to ensure that the customer experience is optimal. This omnichannel approach will make the consumer remember your SME better, improving both your brand image and branding.

Improving the user experience on all types of digital devices will allow you to advance your digitisation process and continue to grow your business. As we have seen, user experience is essential for a memorable customer experience. For this reason, you must take care of it so that your SME can consolidate its position in digital channels and boost its sales in the online environment.


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