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Pompeii Brand as a marketing and Social Media Strategy Best Practice Case Study
04 Oct 2022. 16:48
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  • SME maturity
    1. Marketing digital y redes sociales
    Scope to digitize
    1. Digital strategy

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Jorge Vidri, co-founder of Pompeii Brand, tells us the keys to the company's growth in such a short period of time, based on a sales and marketing strategy that is constantly being developed and a quality and differential product.

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Introduction to the interview

The best practices study aims to present a success story of a company that has initiated and developed a path towards a digital business as a means of raising awareness and boosting sales.

The starting point for the development of this study was the identification of the concerns of retail SMEs from various sectors, which expressed their interest in learning about good practices in the areas of customer relations, digital marketing and growth in social media, among others.

Throughout the study we tell you how, with different marketing and social media actions, they have managed to grow their business and have improved their relationship with their customers.

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