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Savia Proyectos y Mantenimiento as a best practice in the automation of processes
13 Aug 2021. 08:32
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Savia Proyectos y Mantenimientos began its digital transformation process in 2019 and implemented actions, such as process automation, which helped them reduce costs and improve productivity, growing their business.

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Introduction to the interview

Digital transformation is a necessary aspect that, increasingly, many SMEs in our country are addressing to optimize their business models, increase their sales volume and improve the relationship with their customers.

Savia Proyectos y Mantenimientos is an example of an SME that has approached this process successfully. During 2019 they made a great effort not to be left behind and to integrate into the digital world. This earned them the CEPYME award for "Digital Transformation"

We have had the opportunity to speak with its financial director, Almudena García, who has given us a vision of the digital transformation process from within the company, talking about its beginnings, the processes that have been carried out, as well as the barriers and difficulties that they have had to circumvent.

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